Nitin Bhatia is born in Edmonton, Alberta and is one of the founding partners of Shourie Bhatia LLP. Nitin has a practise which is highly focused on transactional files both in the corporate securities and banking sector and the commercial real estate sector where he is involved in mortgage financing, leasing and development work. His expertise sees him working with a clientele that includes major financial lenders, smaller scaled private lenders, chartered banks and credit unions and members of the Alberta Real Estate Association. Additionally, Nitin is also intricately involved in matters relating to business purchase and sale transactions – with a larger focus on franchise related purchase and sales. Above and beyond his practise areas, Nitin is involved in working with our group of lawyers on a variety of litigation, family and personal estate related matters for clients within Alberta.

Nitin has been a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Business and is currently a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta’s prestigious Faculty of Law in the areas of Commercial Real Estate and Financing. In addition to his work at Shourie Bhatia LLP and with the University of Alberta, Nitin currently serves as a Director for the Valley Zoo Development Society (VZDS) and with the Maanaw Seva Association (MSA).